Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam: Former President of India
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Children's Corner

758 Questions Answered by The President.

1. Why the students have to face partiality in the schools?
2. How can we stop the black hole from further deepening in Antarctica?
3. When we know that space is infinite what is the use of exploring space?
4. In case of nuclear energy reactors, energy is definitely released in a greats amount but on the other hand it is deteriorating the ecological balance as it is causing a lot of pollution. So why not we concentrate more on the renewable resources and invent such techniques and instruments so that we can make the best possible use of these resources.
5. After the successful mission of India's first space capsule, SRE-I, how much time will it take for India to develop space shuttles like NASA.
6. How economically viable, a manned mission to Moon would be for a developing country like India? Apart from putting India on the international space map, what other benefits can India derive from India?
7. A scientist and then converted to President. Do you think can bring a new era in a country like India? If yes, then how?
8. Do we really need to view everything from a scientific side for proper understanding?
9. There are many shortcomings of science, which has compelled people to think:
Is science a boon or bane?
Is it a blessing or a curse?
So, what are the ways to reduce these shortcomings?
10. Where do you see India 20 years from now in the field of science and technology?
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