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10-12-2005 : Bhatinda

I am very happy to be in the midst of the people belonging to the village Gheri Buttar. I understand that the people of the village are very keen to improve the conditions of the village through their own efforts. You have raised yourselves above the poverty line through your own collective efforts. The partnership of farmers, agricultural scientists and extension personnel of Vardhaman group has really been very effective. I consider that this model can be replicated across the nation.


Many pearls make a garland. You have made many beautiful pearls. The radiance of Gheri Buttar is seen in every one of the pearls. If you can provide connectivity ? the physical, electronic and knowledge connectivity between the pearls you will make a beautiful garland. That garland will be a symbol of our prosperity. That will economically empower all of you.

You have with your hard work succeeded in increasing the cotton productivity of your villages by fifty percent higher than the average yield in the entire state of Punjab. You must make sure that the rest of Punjab also gets the same benefit.

That is, "the important elements that constitute a nation are: being disease free; wealth; high productivity; harmonious living and strong defence". All our efforts should be focused towards building these five elements at various levels in a coherent and in an integrated manner. After looking at your achievements, I am convinced that our nation with a strong, vibrant and billion plus population can definitely realize this mission.

May I request you all, every one of you individually to take the following oath.

"We the people of village Gheri Buttar, are proud that we have increased the productivity of seed cotton. This has resulted from the team work of farmers like us, industry of this region and the members of the university. We will spread the success of our village to many more villages and across the nation."

I congratulate all of you on your success in your accomplishing the mission of rural prosperity.

May God bless you.




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