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18-11-2002 : Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala has never stopped filling my mind with awe. The twenty years that I spent here from the early sixties are still green in my memory. This green State has rightful claim to be first in many fields and I am extremely happy that this is a State with a vision, a State that has fully realised the potential and importance of science & technology. The various research centres, management institutes, development organisations that have sprung up here - all aimed at seeking to tap the unlimited wealth from the fields of science & technology, are an eloquent averment of that realisation. It is only in the fitness of things that the State Government has taken the initiative now to set up a centre for biotechnology named after a former Prime Minister of the country.

Kerala is rich in resources. The rich bio-diversity of Kerala is a treasure in itself not only for the State but for the whole nation. A happy combination of modern biotechnology with the rich natural diversity could produce rich results that will extend far beyond the borders of this State. The biggest resource, apart from this, is the highly trained manpower that is available in this State. That resource itself is good enough to guarantee the success of a clean industry dependent on biotechnology which will be one of the primary engines of growth and prosperity for the State. I have absolutely no doubt that the strategies evolved in this regard would place adequate emphasis on having good value addition which alone will give meaning and substance to any such venture. It is gratifying to note that a galaxy of individuals through their efforts and vision enabled the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology to become a premier research centre of the country. I am also happy to note that liberal financial support is forthcoming from the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. I am sure the required financial support will continue unabated ensuring sustenance and development of this premier centre.

Celebrating the efforts and ventures like this are not meant only for the day they are inaugurated or commissioned. What is required is a relentless pursuit of the cherished goals set for them and an unfailing search for the realisation of those objectives. This needs sincerity of purpose, unremitting assiduity, ceaseless efforts and single minded devotion. I am sure these basic requirements will not be found wanting in the instant case and that we shall very soon see the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology occupying its rightful place as one of the premier technical institutions of our country. That will be the pride of the entire nation. I have great pleasure in dedicating this Institute to the nation.




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