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23-05-2007 : New Delhi
Tolerant India, Tolerant World

It means

Tolerant India, Tolerant World

"O Almighty, create thoughts and actions,
So our people live united.

O Almighty, Bless the people
With righteous lives.

O Almighty, Help the leaders to consider,
Nation is greater than themselves or affiliations

O Almighty, Bless our people for tolerant India
that will lead to a tolerant world.


I am delighted to participate in the presentation of Kabir Puraskar and the National Communal Harmony Awards for the year 2006. I would like to congratulate Shri Ram Babu Singh Chauhan of Uttar Pradesh, for receiving the Kabir Puraskar award for promoting peace and tranquility in his region. Also my congratulations to Shri Ravindranath Upadhyaya of Assam and the Institute for Socialist Education of Delhi for receiving National Communal Harmony Awards. By honouring such noble individuals and institutions, the significance of the awards has further increased. I would like to talk to you on the topic "Tolerant India, Tolerant World".

Purpose of human life

The purpose of human life is beautifully described in "Bhagawat Gita". In the battle scene, where Arjuna was hesitating to fight against his own kith and kin in Kurushetra, Lord Krishna showed Arjuna a vision of Vrindavan where the whole garden was blossoming with beautiful flowers and fragrance and the flowers attracting honeybee. It was an enchanting scene. In another vision of the garden all the flowers which blossomed in the morning had now fallen on the ground. Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, "See the flower, how generously it offers beauty, fragrance and honey. It gives to all, gives freely its essence. When its work is done, it falls away quietly. Try to be like the flower, unassuming despite all its qualities". Lord Krishna conveys this message to the humanity. These characteristics must be imbibed in every youth by the parents and teachers at an early age so that they preserve the Dharma and contribute to the societal welfare.


Human Indomitable spirit has a blessing of Almighty

Imam Ghazali was a saint teacher who lived in the 12th Century. My father narrated me a scene when Imam Ghazali has been tested by Shaitan, the transgressed Angel. One day Imam Ghazali was unfolding his prayer mat for Maharif Namaz. At that time, the Shaitan appears in front of him and said, "Respected Imam Sahib, I am just now coming from heaven where there was a discussion about great human beings and you have been judged as the best human being living on Earth. As recognition of your great stature you have been exempted from the trouble of performing Namaz in future. Imam Ghazali was restless as the Namaz time was approaching. So he looked at Shaitan and said, "Shaitan Sahib, first of all performing Namaz is not a trouble at all and when even Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), was not exempted from performing Namaz five times a day, how can a poor Imam like me be exempted?. Thank you. He went on to perform the Namaz. When he completed the Namaz, Imam Ghazali still saw Shaitan was standing. Imam Sahib asked him what he was waiting for. Shaitan said, ?O Imam you have excelled even the most favoured Prophet Adam, who could not win over my deception and I made him to eat the forbidden fruit. Realizing that Shaitan was flattering Imam Sahib prayed to Allah, Oh almighty, help me and save me from the deception of the flattery making a disappointed Shaitan finally disappear. Shaitan?s mission failed. But one of the great human being succeeded. Friends, what is the message? In our day-to-day life we have to ensure that no Shaitan and no devil is allowed to deceive and enter our mind. This will ensure a peaceful environment in the society.


Radiating message on Giving

His Holiness Sree Sree Sivakumara Swamiji of Sree Siddaganga Math of Tumkur is an example of spreading the message of ?giving?. He has been on a tireless mission of socio-economic development and eradication of inequalities in education. He saw education and alleviation of hunger among the masses as an effective means to enrich human capacity which in turn would contribute to national reconstruction. His Holiness Swamiji has followed the footprints of his Guru of providing free boarding home to the students which is now serving the needs of over 8,000 students. In addition 2000 pilgrims and visitors in the Math are also provided food every day. During the last seven decades Swamiji is the founder of well over hundred and twenty five educational institutions ranging from nursery to institutions of technology, pure science, arts, management, vocational training and performing arts.

During the 100th birthday of His Holiness Sree Sree Shivakumara Swamiji - a message of ?Giving? came to my mind celebrating his contribution, which I would like to share with you:

Radiating message on Giving

"O my fellow citizens,
In giving, you receive happiness,
In Body and Soul.
You have everything to give.
If you have knowledge, share it.
If you have resources, share it with the needy.
Use your mind and heart,
To remove the pain of the suffering,
And, cheer the sad hearts.
In giving, you receive happiness.
Almighty will bless all your actions."

I have come across many incidents where people have, irrespective of their normal professional affiliations, have come forward for great societal missions by giving. Our education system should lay the foundation among the young for evolving a conflict free, happy life resulting in an attitude of "giving" and "giving". Let this tribe of citizens grow and grow.



I have come across a novel education scheme called Jeevan Vidya pioneered by Sri Nagaraj-ji and propagated by Prof Ganesh Bagaria, IIT, Kanpur, Prof Rajeev Sangal, Director IIIT (Hyderabad) and their teams. This scheme addresses the basic causes of major problems of violence, corruption, exploitation, domination, terrorism and war. It has been found that violent and anti-social behaviour, unless dealt with intensive care and with professionalism, could aggravate the extreme behaviour. I understand Jeevan Vidya is a ?teachable human value based skill? that can address inherent conflicts within the mind of the individual, within families, in organizations and in public life. Inner conflict is the very essence of violence.

Jeevan Vidya develops tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty in human conduct by enabling self-knowledge that understands harmony in the self and in the entire existence. The experts could bring about marked change even among the inmates of jails through the use of these techniques.

Once again let me congratulate the winners of Kabir Puraskar and National Communal Harmony Awards and my best wishes to the organizers in their endeavour for promoting a conflict free, harmonious society.

May God bless you.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam




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