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24-12-2004 : New Delhi
What I can give to my Nation?

1. All the PAN IIT members can write a page each on how they succeeded in their carrier after completing the IIT education.

2. Each one of you can give your opinion on what you can do for uplifting your native village.

3. You can make your suggestion on how we can improve the IIT education and make the IIT education available to the members of the rural sector in the present Indian context.

4. Pan IIT members can team up as five member?s teams and they can suggest entrepreneurial projects for the rural sector which can have products or services for meeting the global requirements based on native strength and core competence. Take up this project in a mission mode and complete the project plan and business proposals and make it available in the website with in six months.

5. PAN IIT can have collaboration with CII, FICCI to select suitable entrepreneurs in different regions from the rural sector for the implementation of the enterprise.

6. Members of the PAN IIT can study my website, where I have given my views on PURA Concept and PURA Implementation Strategy. Keeping this in mind the members can suggest typical PURA suited for their regions.

7. PURA Modes ? Periyar PURA and BAIF.

8. Consider activating the village tanks pertaining to your village with in the next year.

9. Consider providing knowledge connectivity to your school where you started your first education.

10. Consider supporting the establishment of tele-medicine facility to the inaccessible rural areas near by your village.

11. IIT today has moved away from selecting the most ?brilliant minds? to the most ?prepared mind?, you should contribute to bringing the past glory of selecting and nurturing the most brilliant minds.

12. Pan IIT members may not just concentrate on only IIT?s and related improvements but may think to serve all Indian people ? some very poor, some very ill-connected etc.,




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